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Bachelor thesis



The bachelor thesis or a bachelor dissertation is a written final scientific qualification of the bachelor study programme. Its defence is part of the final exam, in some states also called final state exam. The scope of a bachelor thesis is usually in the range of 25-50 pages. Student’s elaboration of the bachelor thesis demonstrates the ability to gather knowledge, process information and understand the issues in a given science field. It is the simplest type of a final dissertation. Usually it is a complied paper of a wide literature review. Bachelor thesis is the first of the final dissertations a student writes in the course of university studies, and by preparing for its defence student has to learn to clearly and concisely present its research in written and oral form.


Elaborated bachelor thesis is usually written in domestic language of the university, however after an approval it can be elaborated in another language. The development usually takes a few months. While writing a bachelor thesis, an academic advisor should lead consultations with students, continuously read written parts of the text and highlight any shortcomings. The advisor should be also able to detect any plagiarism. Before the defence of the work it usually goes into hands of an opponent, whose task is to evaluate the formal side and content structure of the work, among others factors, and also if the work has met its objectives. The opponent is usually an expert on the issue, which thesis deals with. The work is also evaluated at the same time by an academic advisor, whose task is to evaluate the student’s individual work abilities and work with sources. The oral defence is typically in a form of projected presentation. Writing bachelor thesis is not easy. Leave it to us, let professionals write documents of your bachelor thesis for you!