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Master thesis



The master thesis or a master dissertation the final paper for the second-tier university degree. It presents a more professional work, whose elaboration and defence is one of the conditions for obtaining the academic degree of Master. Work should bring new knowledge and be beneficial in the given field.

In some countries, Master thesis forms part of the state final examination. The purpose of elaboration of master thesis is to verify the mastering of professional, theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of study, professional terminology, and the use of scientific methods in solving specific problems. An academic advisor is involved only methodically and consults the work with students during the preparation. The advisor should keep an eye on the correctness of writing, read everything and notify the student of work’s shortcomings. Among other responsibilities, an advisor should also notify the student and for potential plagiarism.

In contrast with a bachelor thesis, a master thesis differs in the larger range, scope the greater quality of the processing of studied topics and the complexity of the writing. As a rule of thumb, it is prepared in a written form and is submitted in several copies. The range of a master thesis is usually around 50-80 pages. Additional material that is not appropriate to place directly in the text, e.g. large tables, maps, illustrations or special materials such as manuals of technical devices, or programs, or any additional literature, is possible to attach to the appendices.