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PhD. Thesis



PhD. Thesis or a dissertation is an extensive scientific debate, in which, on the basis of scientific research and with the use of rich documentary material and scientific methods, solves a complex professional problem. Dissertation is a prerequisite academic award of PhD., and is the conclusion of the 3. degree of the higher education. In some countries, a prerequisite for completion of the PhD. study in addition to defending a dissertation is passing of a dissertation exam. Before the submission of a dissertation one has to pass the PhD. Examination at first, as the student registers for it 18 to 24 months since the beginning of the study (depending on field of study). A part of the PhD. examination is a written work for the PhD. examination, so called “minimal work”.

By writing a PhD. thesis the student demonstrates the ability and readiness for independent scientific and creative activity in the field of research or development and for solving theoretical and practical problems of the field of study. This type of work is characterized by a high degree of analysis and synthesis of knowledge and sufficient overview of the existing literature. The results of the dissertation have a character of original and new knowledge in the given topic.