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PR articles



PR article is any article for any content server, but unlike conventional article a PR article is simultaneously an advertising that is only trying to evoke the impression of objectivity. PR article is a marketing tool that allows you to effectively hit your target market. It is best used with on servers narrowly focused on a specific target group. This increases the likelihood that the PR article will address a relevant user. The advantage of a PR article is fewer aggression, or the fact that users do not see this advertisement negatively. There are also positive impacts by obtaining relevant backlinks to optimize the website for search engines..

 A well-prepared PR article: 

  • Acquaints users with products and services in a completely spontaneous way.
  • Improves corporate image - PR articles must always combine the product with some positive events
  • Renders the company as an expert on the topic.
  • Hits the general public, with the possibility of targeting – locating where the target group is present.

PR (SEO) article is an article published on the Internet, which contains in itself a kind of a "superstructure", because in addition to promotional function it has an important role in enhancing the position in search engines. Such articles contain backlinks that search engines evaluate as sure sign of importance. From this is derived the SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Such articles are an effective tool for link building, which acquires quality backlinks for search engine optimization. SEO article content writing is necessary to include keywords in different grammatical forms, some of which are used as the link name. The article should be written in clear and understandable manner, and should also include a reasonable number of backlinks (max. 5). Strength of inbound links via keywords must focus on key categories of the target web page that has to get better positions in search engines.