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Presentation is a speaker's oral and written presentation in the front of an audience of suitably processed information and supporting materials, that speaker prepared for more visual transmission of information, increasing attention of the audience and individual support. The audience has to be attracted by the “word and sound”. Position of the speaker is very important because the speaker is communicating with the audience, and creates and maintains contact with the possibility to influence the views of its listeners. 

If the speaker does not have enough experience with creating presentations, has trouble expressing itself, or has a sense of insecurity and stress because when presenting he/she is in the focus of attention, it is absolutely necessary to pay strong attention to preparation of presentations. As part of the planning and preparation process of a presentation, it is first necessary to define the purpose of your presentation and ask the question: "What exactly I want to tell? How can I formulate this into a sentence?" Then you need to select the type and amount of information that you want to give to the audience, to characterize other areas necessary to understand the issues of the presentation and consider your time possibilities.

 Another important factor is the audience for which the presentation should be tailored. It is necessary to find out information in advance about the type of audience attending the presentation, what is their age, amount, why they plan to attend your presentation (duty, interest), if they are familiar with the issue, or what do they expect from you.