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Term paper

A term paper is a type of educational written work, which is usually made at high school or university. Its scope is not determined by any standards and depends on the requirements of the teacher that assigned it to students.

Among the first activities in the creation of a term paper is to define the objective that work has to achieve, under compliance with the assigned topic. Term paper is usually made of the cover page, table of contents, introduction, core, conclusion, and list of literature used. Introduction and conclusion are formed after elaboration of the core content of the work. The variables in the case of the term paper are the total number of pages and the number of literary and internet sources.

If there is a part of the paper, whose author is a different person to the writer of the work, it shall be referenced in accordance with the norm STN ISO 690. A review of the literary, internet, and other sources used in the work should be specified in the form of a list of the literature in a specific section.