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Terms and agreements

These terms and conditions are valid and effective from the date of 01/02/2017.

 I. Introductory provisions 

1. These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") shall be binding on the Parties of all work contracts entered into by or directly related to the web page presentation between client and contractor and are an integral part of every contract work. By not accepting the current Terms and Conditions, or to accept, with the proviso there is no contract for work.

2. The contract for work becomes valid and effective:

3. confirmation (acceptance) non-binding electronic customer orders the contractor in accordance with Article II. Item 4. Terms, or

4. signing a written copy of the contract work 

at the same time 

1. crediting previously agreed price of the work or part of the price of work (according to the agreed repayment instalments of) the Customer to the bank account of the contractor in the acknowledgment of a voluntary electronic order or written copy of the contract for work, or

2. payment of the agreed price of the work or part of the price of the work by the Customer to the Contractor in cash in accordance with the relevant legislation,

 based on which there is a definite order (hereinafter referred to as "Major order")

(hereinafter referred to as "Contract of Work"). 

3. The Client for the purposes of Contract of work means a natural person who completed the tentative order on the website and also pay the agreed price of the work or works (instalment).

4. Contractor for the purposes Contract of work means a commercial company Podklady LTD, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX, ID: 11664420, IBAN: SK79 8330 0000 0027 0096 2701, payer of VAT.

 II. Work 

1. The Work is:

2. a) providing consulting when searching for information and processing information, which serve as a basis for the establishment of papers for high school, college, university and graduate work, PR articles, presentations and other assignments.

3. b) providing advice in the field of proofreading, technical proofreading, formatting text, searching for professional information retrieval, the creation of questionnaires.

4. c) providing a systematic breakdown of system documentation - technical texts in electronic form intended for further processing and educational purposes, particularly as documents or suggestions, fulfilling all the requirements of the mandatory orders, as well as the requirements for their level of expertise.

5. d) Preparation of the specified type of written professional work intended for further processing and educational purposes.

It is a tailored order. The Contractor is giving consent to its use solely to the Customer.

Work supplied by the Contractor to the Customer is not itself be used as a submission paper, in accordance with the relevant legislation, including the internal regulations of public institutions and serves only as the basis for further processing and use customer.

Contractor expressly notices that the paper and / or documentation supplied in the form of his works may not be presented without further processing as Customer’s own work. In doing so, the Customer is breaching its obligations which flow from the generally binding legal regulations and / or internal regulations of the public and other institutions. The Contractor shall supply the required work for the Customer due to providing more information on the desired topic in order to deepen their knowledge and skills in particular subject.

2. The Free price quote is a non-binding draft of Contract for work. For non-binding order is considered to be the completed electronic order through the portal and its electronic transmission. E-mail address of the customer is listed in the non-binding order.

3. The Contractor shall commence Work at its own cost based on the Contract for work after official order.

4. No later than 24 hours after receiving an order, the Contractor or a Third person (writer) hired by the Contractor in accordance with paragraph 8 of this article Terms will contact the Client, verify the order, individual customer requirements and instructions to work of the customer, confirms the delivery date of the work. If necessary. delivery will be scheduled in individual parts of the work depending on the degree of difficulty and execution of the work and submit a quote for the work and the method of payment. After an approval is mailed to the e-mail address of the Contractor, the Contractor will confirm by e-mail to the e-mail address of the Customer non-binding order. By the confirmation of a non-binding and crediting the agreed price of the work or works (repayments) under a confirmed price quote by the Customer to the bank account (or PayPal account) of the Contractor or by cash settlement, the Contract for work is considered as a closed, valid and effective.

5. The customer has the right to cancel the tentative order without charge, at the latest in until electronic confirmation of receipt of the non-binding order is received from Customer to Contractor. In case of cancellation of the non-binding order after receiving electronic confirmation from the Contractor for reasons for which the Contractor is not responsible, but before the payment of the agreed price of the work or works under the confirmed quotation, the Client shall pay to the bank account (or PayPal account) of the contractor fee of 100- USD. In case of cancellation of a Binding order the client, respectively upon termination of the contract for work for reasons for which the Contractor is not responsible, for any reason or no reason by the Client, the Client shall pay to the bank account (or PayPal account) of the contractor partial price of the work, i.e. a proportional price for the work already done or work supplied according to the schedule set out in paragraph 4 of this Article of Terms, and other costs of the contractor. If the work was partly paid by the Customer prior to such cancellation of the work, it will be deducted to cover a proportion of the price of work. Customer is entitled to cancel the work when it is clear that the work will not be finished in time or not carried out properly, and if the contractor did not remedy even a reasonable period. If the customer does not pay for another part of the work according to the scheduled payments, the Binding order can be considered cancelled with immediate effect and is entitled to the extent of unpaid part of the work that has been already done, and the contractor remains eligible for payment of a proportion of the price of work for the work already done or work supplied according to the schedule set out in paragraph 4 of this Article of Terms, and other costs of the contractor. If the work was partly paid by the Customer prior to such cancellation of the work, it will be deducted to cover a proportion of the price of work.

6. The Contractor reserves the right to discontinue working on the work, respectively to withdraw from the contract for work or change the price for the work, if the customer is making unwarranted delays for completion of the works in the agreed time. The contractor has also the right to withdraw from the contract for work if the customer fails to provide him with reasonable assistance, particularly given the type of work, scope of work or the delivery date. For the avoidance of doubt, for reasonable assistance is taken delaying the requested information to the contractor, as well as the delay in payment of the agreed price for the work or part thereof. For such possibility of withdrawal from the contractor of the work, the customer is obliged to pay the Contractor the amount attributable to the work carried out by initially confirmed quotation and expenses incurred. The Contractor shall also be entitled to terminate the Contract at any time for work, but in this case, the Customer is obliged to reimburse the price paid by the Customer of the work, which has not been written or prepared yet.

7. Order, a confirmation or cancellation of the order, as well as other correspondence and communications between the parties takes place exclusively by electronic mail (e-mail), unless the parties agree otherwise.

8. The Contractor is entitled to delegate the work to a third person (writer), and will be responsible for execution of the work as if it were drawn up by itself. Similarly guarantees the possibility of free use and processing of the work by customer, use the work without restriction for the customer at any time in the future, while the contractor is not authorized to work alone use or to authorize its use to another person. Customer is obliged to pay the Contractor a contractual fine of EUR 500, - USD if it attempts at direct communication with a third party writer to circumvent the contractor in the context of the binding order.

9. The work is considered to be handed over by the contractor to the Customer by sending email to the email address specified in the Client’s Binding order electronically, in Microsoft Word format (* .doc) or Adobe Acrobat (* .PDF) or in another agreed format, or by the acknowledgment of receiving the work by the customer. In the case of the required formatting of the work in formats (* .rtf, * .txt, and so on.) Contractor shall not be liable for the formal aspects of the work. Unless agreed otherwise, the work is considered to be transmitted in the format: Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing.

10. By the proper and timely handover of the work and the payment of the price of work is preceded by the contractor to the customer’s ownership of the work to the point through which the work is made, and the customer receives also the risk of damage to it along with all the rights.

11. If the customer decides to modify the work after the, alter or otherwise modify some work outside the binding order created before the payment of the first instalment of the price of work, this is a new order.

 III. Price for the work 

1. The price of the work specified in the price list on the portal is not binding on the contractor, it is rather indicative. The price of the work suggests the contractor based on the information and documents sent by the client prior to entering into a binding contract and shall be determined solely by agreement as contractual prices determined for each case taking into account the nature, type, specific characteristics of the work, completion date and delivery, delay, difficulty of construction and content level of work and other factors and circumstances affecting and conditioning the subject of performance under these Terms. Customer may use the instalment pricing system works, but only for orders worth 101, - USD and more, with scheduled repayments must be agreed by both parties.

2. The customer has the right to negotiate a fixed price for the work before the conclusion of the work with the contractor on the basis of individual negotiations and communication. This price will then be listed in the order confirmation by both parties, i.e. the Binding order. At the same time the customer approves payment of the price of the works of the price of work negotiated in the confirmed quotation. The client and the contractor therefore individually agree on the method of payment of the work, the price of work and timetable for submission of the work. The date of payments shall mean the date of crediting the amount to the account designated by the contractor or the date of issue of proof of payment in cash. For each payment, the customer is obliged to state the variable symbol = number of his contract for work / no binding order. If the Contractor in the binding order specifies otherwise, the price of the work is paid each bank transfer to the bank account designated by the contractor.

3. The Contractor is not obliged to provide the Customer of the factors taken into account in drawing up the price of work. Price works in the same way may be in individual cases, depending on the factors in section 1 of this article of Terms.

 IV. Liability for defects, complaints  

1. The work is original, and is primarily based on client’s requirements and given him the resources provided. This is not plagiarism. Work is the work of an authentic original, not infringing the copyright or any other rights of third parties.

2. Work has defects, if it does not meet the requirements and results made in a binding order and for these defects is responsible the contractor. Defective work is mainly formal or content of the lack of a firm order or if the work does not have the necessary professional level.

3. The Contractor is responsible for defects of the work at the time of handover and defects in the work incurred after that time, if they are caused by breach of its obligations.

4. The customer has the right to exercise the right from liability for defects - a claim without undue delay after their discovery within 10 days of the submission of the work, while the complaint is obliged to give a complete specification of the alleged defects. Customer is entitled to at the Contractor be held liable for defects in electronic form by sending an email to the email address of the contractor listed on the website or in writing to the contractor referred to in these Terms.

5. The Contractor shall within 30 days after receiving the complaint to evaluate the complaint and to notify the manner of its handling.

6. If the Contractor considers the claim as justified, it removes the defects without delay within a reasonable period agreed by the parties or gives a reasonable discount from the price of the work, subject to the discretion of the customer. If the fault is persistent, contractor makes agreement with the Customer to substitute the performance or return the price paid for work. If the complaint is unfounded or inconclusive, the contractor will reject the complaint.

7. The provider must keep records of complaints. Complaint records must contain information about the date and manner of complaint, date and method of complaint and the serial number of a proof of claim.

 V. Additional provisions 

1. All matters of business, manufacturing or technical nature related to the holding of the contractor are considered trade secrets and customer is the one obliged to maintain confidentiality.

2. The Parties undertake to keep confidential all data, facts and information that you have provided prior to the contract for the work during the contract and in connection with the work, especially but not only with regard to contractor’s competitors. The Parties undertake not to disclose any information or otherwise use them for the needs of third parties (with the exception of third parties authorized by contractor for execution of the work) without the prior written consent of the other party. Confidentiality the parties are obliged to maintain confidentiality even after the termination of the work. Upon violation of this rule the infringing party shall pay the other party a contractual penalty of 1000.- USD and the right to compensation is retained.

3. The client is not obliged to state in the binding order any discrete data (eg. Name, address). For discreet personal data is not e-mail address and telephone number of the customer. The Contractor agrees that the personal data of the Customer, in the event that will be provided will not be disclosed to third parties and will exclusively be used only for the needs of the contractor. Personal customer data are considered strictly confidential and the contractor is obliged to protect them from abuse and will proceed according to the law on personal data protection.

4. Client by sending a binding order or signing a written copy of the contract for work awarded to the contractor (provider under special regulations) under the law on personal data protection agreement with the administration and processing of the necessary legislation required by the extent and solely for the purpose under the work. This, at any time revocable consent, is granted for an indefinite period.

5. The Customer is obliged to respect and obey the law to the individual works and further disseminate them except in cases covered by special regulations - in particular the Act. 185/2015 Coll. Copyright law in force in the Slovak Republic.

6. Neither party will be liable for the total or partial failure to fulfil its obligations under the Contract for work as a result of exceptional events, which cannot be predicted or it was not possible to avert the (force majeure) - especially as natural disasters, military operations, civil disturbances, explosions, fire, lockout or circumstances occurring independently of the will of the parties outside the control of the parties. Party affected by such event shall be obliged to inform the other party without delay about this fact. If the event of force majeure lasts for more than sixty (60) consecutive calendar days, then each party shall be entitled to terminate the Contract for Work with effect from the moment of receipt of such notice to the other party, without any rights or obligations damages caused by this event.

7. Customer declares that work provided by the Contractor shall serve exclusively for the needs of their own learning, an idea, theme or pattern for the customer.

8. By accepting the Contract for work the Customer declares that he read properly the Terms, understands all the points and agrees with their content.

 VI. Final provisions 

1. Where the law does or does not otherwise states, the relationships between the parties shall be governed by the relevant provisions of Law no.185/2015 Coll. Copyright Act, Act no. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code and the Law no. 513/1991 Coll Commercial Code of the Slovak Republic.

2. Any disagreements between the Parties shall give priority to amicable manner. If the dispute cannot be settled they shall be resolved by the ordinary courts of the Slovak Republic.

3. The Customer is bound by such Terms and Conditions, which were valid and effective at the time when the contract for work became valid.

4. General terms and conditions are valid and effective from the date of publication on the website