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Preklad textov



Translation is a transcoding a language text, which involves the formation of a new language and stylistic-shaped form. Under translation is generally understood transformation from one language into another language in written form. As a scientific discipline, it is not primarily nested under linguistics, but is rather as a separate discipline - translatology.

 In practice, we distinguish the following types of translations:  

  • artistic translation - translation of artistic texts
  • professional translation - translation of professional, academic and business texts
  • machine translation - a translation performed by a computer software

 One of the most frequently used examples of machine translation is Google Translator. This is a language translator developed by Google. Google is using all available information for translation, such as the. United Nations documents, amounting to more than 200 trillion words. The number of languages that the Google Translator can process is still increasing while the importance of individual words can be supplemented or corrected by its users directly.

 Google is using their translation mechanism for two primary purposes. The first one is the translation of a word or a longer text that a user enters into the form in the website The second important feature is the full translation of a website where the user enters only the address (a hyperlink) of a webpage that has to be translated and the translator will automatically translate the entire content of a website.

 Anyone who works with the Google translator knows that the translated text cannot be considered flawless and usable in everyday communication, or even in the business uses. Stylistic correctness of the text and appropriate use of foreign words can only be guaranteed by high quality translations performed by certified translators.